Sharing information in common directories

Common document files and graphics will be placed in public directories available for read-only.
To add to this library of documents or images, contact the Webnerd (that would be me) to arrange to have them added
to the common files.  Such files as Masonic History, graphics and images and any other documents of a general and lasting
interest can be included. ALL such files and doncuments must be in the public domain and freely useable/publishable. This means that
any copywrited material may NOT be included.

The easiest way to make appropriate material available is for the lodge webdood to upload the files to a directory.
Once you let me know they are there, I can copy them to the common directory.

We will be putting together a common calendar. This is going to be a major effort to make a
calendar available that is actually useable, considering there are so many lodges and dates to list.

email webnerd (at)
call me at 360-613-5220 (Telebyte) and ask for Jim. Tell whoever answers that you are calling
about the Bluelodge website.

(Note: I strongly recommend NOT posting valid email addresses to web pages.
Literally within minutes of doing so, they can be added to spammer email lists.)

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