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This is the area to post upcoming news and events for both the lodge and Masonry in general.

Older News Stories

Elections (10/7/2017)
New election of officers was held during our October Stated meeting, with the following results:  WM - WB Tom Boslaugh, SW - Bro Glenn Geiss, JW - Bro James Patterson, Secretary - VWB Kelly Combs, and Treasurer - VWB Brian Gross.  Installation is scheduled for the 28th of October (Saturday) at 2pm, and is open to the public, with dinner following.

Consolidation (9/8/2017)
A historic event occured between the lodges of Port Orchard and John Paul Jones (Gig Harbor).  Both lodges agreed to consolidate, and become one lodge.  As part of the agreement, members of John Paul Jones became new members of Port Orchard, and combined, became Port Orchard John Paul Jones #98.  The master of ceremonies was Most Worshipful Grand Master Warren Schoeben and was attended by well over 200 people.

Pirate Degree (5/13 2017, 2pm)
AARRGGHHH!  Our 3rd Annual Pirate Degree will be moved up to May 13th, at 2pm.  "You come as a beggar, you leave as a bucanner"!  Cost will be $20 dollars.  There will be pirate coins for sale, as well as two raffle prizes!  We'll also be feeding ya, so come hungry!  There will also be a womans program, so bring yer ladies, if they are so inclined!  Also, we get this question asked a lot - YEA, COME DRESSED IN YER BEST SEAFARIN PIRATE ENSEMBLE!  If you can't, any appropriate clothes you'd wear on the high seas would be acceptable. The Albatross won't mind.

Congratulations! (9/19/2015)
Congratulations the winners of our Gift Certificate Raffle held for the Sportsman Dinner on September 12th.  We raised over $1500.00 dollars for the lodge and three lucky people walked away with a $400 dollar, $200 dollar or a $50 dollar gift card to Sportsman Warehouse.  The dinner was a success as well, with great food and door prizes given away for all attendees.  Looking forward to doing this all again next year!

Arrrgghhh Pirates be here! (9/19/2015)
On the 22nd of August at 2pm, there was a sailing of the Merry Widow, a ship of opportunity, if you will.  We endured rogue waves and out ran a pesky ship of the line, but in the process managed to make over twenty new bucaneers join the crew.  Afterwards there was much feasting and tall tales!  Next year we will be sailing once more to brave the dark waters of the Atlantic searching for plunder and booty.  Are you brave enough, land lubber, to put yourself on account as well?  Arrrgghhh!

More Website updated news. (4/11/2015)
I've finally finished the Past Masters Section, to include all current Past Masters and Honorary Past Masters.

2014-2015 Website updated.
New Officers have been reflected in the current officers page, more and updated photos coming soon.  Have also started to update (finally) our past masters section (in the photo gallery).  It is a slow process, I have to scan in all of the images and edit the pages.  I've gotten the first page started, with more to come.  Remember, we have 120 years worth of WMs to go through.

2014-2015 Installation of Officers Upcoming
Port Orchard Lodge #98 Officer Installation will be on Saturday, November 8th, at 11am.  Brother Christopher Corbin will be installed in the East for the first time.  Breakfast will be proceeding the ceremony.

Installation of Officers Complete!
On the 26th of October, WM Glenn Ryder took office as our newly elected Worshipful Master.  Congratulations to Glenn and the rest of the elected, re-elected and appointed officers, and blessings to you that the next year will be sucessful and fruitful!  Also, a big thanks to Lon Herstad, for his excellent leadership during the past year.

Grand Lodge Cornerstone Ceremony
October 19th
The Grand Lodge of Washington will be holding a special cornerstone ceremony for the new Grand Lodge bulding.  Events kick off with the Grand Lodge Opening (Masons Only) at:

Horace W. Tyler Lodge, No. 290
2530 Grandview Dr. W
Tacoma, WA  98466

Then proceed to the new building at:

4970 Bridgeport Way West
University Place, WA 98467